Anxiety can be described as being overwhelmed and unable to live life; it can feel like you’re on edge and make life feel like life is difficult to enjoy. For some people, Anxiety can make them feel like they cannot think properly, freeze without apparent cause, experience trembling, experience a pounding heart, and sweat without reason. However, Anxiety is natural and can be helpful in the short term, and at the right level, when we need it, Anxiety can help us achieve peak performance. However, when Anxiety continues and becomes prolonged, it can affect our ability to function, disrupting life significantly. Anxiety can be triggered by very different things, including people and situations. Anxiety triggers can be specific, such as Social Anxiety, or more general and less easily identified.

When Anxiety continues and is disruptive, Anxiety may become Stress. The effects of prolonged elevated Stress are well documented, having potentially significant physical, psychological and social impacts.

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