At The Courageous Man, we bring over two decades’ worth of experience working with forms of unhealthy, abusive and controlling, and addictive behaviours enacted in relationships. We see the trauma it passes on to the children. Children are being missed, as their parents are so caught up in their own pain, not providing the emotional comfort their child needs.

We will support you if you have the courage to ask – are my behaviours abusive or controlling? In specialised individual therapy, we will explore & manage strong emotions, manage triggers in relationships, and find ways to express yourself which builds connection, not erodes or destroys it. We’ll also work with you to understand the impact your behaviour might have on those closest to you & what you can do about it.

We also offer specialised individual therapy for people using abusive behaviours and those who are on the receiving end of it. We’ll work with you to explore what’s happening in your unique context.

Just so it’s clear, at The Courageous Man, we take a stand on and show zero tolerance for any form of abusive and controlling behaviour used by one person over another.

Be Courageous. Contact us to start your journey toward understanding your behaviour or the impact someone else’s behaviour has on you.

Helen Brereton
M: 0404 153 592

Jon Farham - Men's Health Therapist - MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Jon Farham
M: 0493 607 815