Becoming a parent is possibly the most challenging and complex thing anyone can do. Being a father or father figure changes the way we view the world.

We take a long and wide-ranging view of parenting. When you come to see us, it’s likely we’ll look at how you were raised and what messages you got about parenting & relationships. We’ll probably explore how you behave when you are triggered & explore what kind of father you want to be.

Parenting changes couples. Couples often find themselves feeling disconnected after having kids. Feeling constantly tired/stressed and conflicted about the difference in opinions regarding parenting. Many men start feeling alone, losing their sense of identity and can feel ‘incompetent’ as dads and ‘failures’ in their marriage.

Parenting becomes even more complex when two individuals – who are parents – decide to separate. Becoming a stepparent adds another layer of complexity.

If you are struggling in your relationships with your children or stepchildren or with your ex-partner, co-parent, stepparents, family and your partner’s family, etc., then book a session with us today.

We offer individual therapy and half, full and 2-day Intensives for Families needing to heal and grow. Our approach is to meet you as a person & parent and explore ways you can develop or re-connect with a child or the other parent of your child.

We cannot currently see children under the age of 13; however, we can make a referral for you.

Be Courageous. Be Committed. Contact us to start your journey toward becoming the best father and co-parent you can be.

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Jon Farham - Men's Health Therapist - MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Jon Farham

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