We all struggle and often stuff up in our intimate relationships. Being in relationship with others can bring old stories and wounds and be very painful.

We can get stuck, let things slide, patterns form, walls go up, and connection and trust are gradually or suddenly lost.

It takes courage to really take a good look at yourself and see how you’re showing up in relationships.

Relationships are a powerful crucible for personal and relational transformation. It requires courage and commitment. A commitment to feel, to heal, smooth our rough edges, and grow.

The Courageous Man creates customised half, full or two day/s intensives for couples and families healing from ruptures towards repair, restoration, and growth.

Whether your relationship is at a crisis point or whether you are asking questions about what you want in your relationships, we can offer you safe and secure support to navigate a difficult time and step into the unknown.

Be Courageous. Be Committed. Contact us to start your journey toward reconnecting with yourself and stepping into relationships.

Helen Brereton
M: 0404 153 592