We offer therapy and groups for men interested in self or personal awareness & growth and relational accountability; sometimes, it can be good to talk to a like-minded therapist about you.

We’ll guide you to connect with your emotions and develop emotional intelligence if you’re willing. We intend to some you to show up as a whole person, and as an equal, in your relationships.

Individual therapy can also be helpful if you want to:

  • Understand your emotions and live an honest and heart-centred life.
  • Connect to your truth, your power, and grow as a whole man.
  • Explore your values, life purpose, and meaning and take responsibility.
  • Heal and deepen your connection with women.
  • Explore what kind of man you want to be & in a relationship.
  • Form a new relationship, perhaps after a separation.
  • Be a better father, no matter how old your children are.
  • Learn how to stand up for yourself in an assertive – not aggressive or passive – way.

Be Courageous; contact us to start your personal self-awareness journey toward a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Helen Brereton
M: 0404 153 592

Jon Farham - Men's Health Therapist - MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Jon Farham
M: 0493 607 815