The Courageous Man therapists approach to therapy is direct, no-nonsense, and sometimes challenging. You might not always like what we have to say however our intention to support you to be the person you want to be. You will experience kindness when we get close to sensitive places, old wounds, and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve. We will cheer you on when things are working. We work with our clients as whole people including their physical, mental, and spiritual selves, always respecting the individual’s personal journey. We intend to support you to become a self-aware human being, living a fulfilled and purposeful life.

The Courageous Man, Men’s Mental Health Specialists, MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW, Therapy Sessions For Men


We support men to rise up and become the best man they can be. By working from the inside out, men can step fully into their power, and find true freedom. We invite men to connect with their emotions and embody a healthy and mature form of masculinity. We provide counselling/therapy for men who are experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, grief and loss, major life changes, relationship and parenting struggles, divorce, and separation.

The Courageous Man, Women's Mental Health, MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW, Therapy Sessions For Women


We support women in their relationships with themselves and the men in the lives. Therapy/counselling is a great option for women who are struggling in their relationships with men. We support you to heal from past relationship loss or hurt, or if you unsure whether to stay or leave a relationship, or are wanting to form a new relationship.

Couples Therapy At The Courageous Man, Men's Mental Health Clinic, Mid Coast NSW


We invite men & women to show up as whole people, and as equals, in their relationships with their partners, and as parents. We offer a range of relationship therapy (also known as marriage counselling or couples counselling) services for men and women who have the courage to create the relationships they want, and possibly avoid pain of separation, divorce, and loss.

Addiction and Recovery Therapy At The Courageous Man, Men's Mental Health Clinic, Mid Coast NSW


We are experts in addiction, recovery, and transformation for those experiencing addiction and the people closest to them. We will work alongside you on a deep exploration and strengthening of self-awareness, self-esteem, self-worth, personal-values, and the development of a meaningful and purpose filled life. We adopt a whole of person and whole of family approach to addiction and recovery.

Mens Mental Health Groups And Courses At The Courageous Man, Men's Mental Health Clinic, Mid Coast NSW


We offer face to face and on-line groups and courses for men committed to personal and relational accountability, responsibility, integrity, and growth. We guide men towards connecting deeply with themselves and others.