The Courageous Relationship

Our mission is to support men and women to develop self and relational awareness, and show up as whole people, and equals, in their relationships.

We believe in supporting men & women to connect deeply with who they are we are helping to break the rigid dichotomy of gender roles and doing our bit to generate societal and cultural change to benefit all here now, as well as future generations.


We all struggle and make mistakes in our relationships. Being in close relationships with others can bring old stories, old wounds and be so very painful. We all can get stuck, let things slide, our walls go up, and trust lost.

It takes courage to take a good look at yourself and see how you’re showing up in relationships. If you’re willing, we can support you to transform you and your relationship – and possibly avoid the pain of separation.

Being responsible for ourselves is the cornerstone of our relationship work.  Only when we do this, can we show up as two whole, authentic people in our relationships – with the courage to open our hearts, speak our truth, and be truly intimate with another.

Whether your relationship is at crisis point or whether you are asking questions about what you want in your relationships, we can offer you safe and secure support to navigate difficult times.

I work with all kinds of relationships: couples, parents, stepparents, parent -child, siblings, open or polyamorous relationships, business/work colleagues, and friends. I welcome people of all gender and sexual orientations.


I am not your average couples and relationship therapist. I will not sit back and listen to you week after week or work with you year after year. My approach is interactive, direct, sometimes challenging. While my style is direct, my intention is to create a space for you that feels safe. I will be right there in the thick of it with you.

I do take sides. Unlike traditional couples therapy where the therapist is trained to ‘never take sides’, I will take a stand in relation to one person’s behaviour towards another. I do not believe all relationship issues share equal causality. When I do this, my sole intent is to restore connection. The primary approach I use is the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) approach developed by Terry Real. For more info: Home – Relational Life Institute.

In my 2-hour Relationship Assessment, I will quickly assess what’s not working and what’s needed for change. If you choose to continue to work with me, I offer time limited Relationship Therapy sessions. Or I may suggest a 1-day Relationship Intensive.


Helen is The Courageous Man & Couple lead relationship therapist. She brings years of hands-on experience working with all kinds of relationship and extensive training and professional development.

She is currently one of four therapists in Australia certified with the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Institute, an innovative method created by Terry Real Homepage. Helen is also trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Compassion Enquiry (Dr Gabor Mate), and she is a registered Psychotherapist. Helen has worked extensively with men for more than a decade and co-founded The Courageous Man.

Helen considers herself equal her clients, not ‘above’ them as an expert, nor a simply a facilitator. In the RLT approach the therapist is right there in the thick of it with clients, sharing their own experiences of relational living to inspire, motivate, and build trust.

Helen will walk alongside side you to dig deep and embark on a journey of self and relational awareness.



This 2-hour assessment will help you cut to the heart of your relationship issues and provide you a roadmap for change. I will quickly identify what is not working and where you might inadvertently be ‘shooting yourself in the foot’. While I will be direct and you may not like what I have to say, my intention to build safety, trust, and connection. I believe if two people are willing to make changes, almost all relationships are salvageable and can be changed.

You may already have seen a couple’s therapist and want a fresh perspective, or you may want to dip your toes into couples therapy for the first time. Either way, a Relationship Assessment is a good place to start, and you will gain new insights into your relationship.

By the end of the 2-hours I will give you practical next steps as well as tools, tips, and resources. I may recommend further relationship therapy with me or refer you to someone who may be better suited to you. The choice is always yours.

What can you expect from a 2-hour assessment?

  • An understanding of unhelpful pattern/s in your relationship

  • An understanding of your role in creating the dynamic and what you can do to change

  • An understanding of your partner, how you impact your partner & what they want from you

  • An awareness of what you need in the relationship and how to ask for it

  • Practical next steps for each person and for the relationship


Relationship Therapy is offered in-person and online and runs for up to 2 hours AUD 350 per session (including GST)

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s page


If your marriage, relationship, or family is at a crisis point you may need a more intensive and customised approach. My bespoke 1-day Relationship Intensive gives us time to dig in and begin to resolve what may seem like impossible issues. An intensive is an equivalent to 6 or 7 typical weekly sessions, which makes it ideal for people in a crisis or if you simply want to dig in & generate rapid change.

While it is understandable to avoid facing the truth that your relationship is on the rocks, investing in an 1-day intensive could be much less expensive than the financial and emotional cost of divorce or separation – especially if there are children involved. I believe major ruptures in a relationship, like betrayals or infidelity, can be an opportunity for transformation.

I offer the intensives from Terrigal Beach, Central Coast of NSW or on-line. If you would like two therapists to work with you, I will hand pick a suitable (usually male) therapist, so you benefit from two therapists and perspectives for the day.

Please email Helen directly for more information at You don’t need to book a Relationship Assessment however if you do, we can talk about a discounted rate for the day.


1-Day Intensive with Helen  AUD995 (Including GST)

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s page


After completing a Relationship Assessment, you may choose to continue to work with me for time limited Relationship Therapy. It is one thing to know what’s not working, creating new ways of relating can take time and hard work. I see my role is to guide you along the way and set you on a new trajectory.

Relationship Therapy is the place to repair any old wounds and learn the critical skill of repair when (not if) future ruptures occur. Depending on what you need, I offer specific coaching on things like: managing and expressing strong emotions, listening skills, making new agreements, reconciling different parenting styles, improving communication around sensitive issues, managing evitable differences, and managing conflicts.

Relationship therapy is also the place we can address any sexual intimacy issues e.g. sex after children, loss of attraction, sex after a betrayal, or different or changing sexual preferences or desires.

If both of you are willing, I believe your relationships can be transformed. If you have children, the work you do will benefit your children and prevent issues and patterns being passed down.

To book Relationship Therapy, you must have completed the 2-hour Relationship Assessment.


Relationship Therapy is offered in-person and online and runs for up to 90 minutes AUD225 per session (including GST)

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s page


There is a lot you can do to change your relationship dynamic without your partner coming along. If you change the way you show up, the relationship will change. It may not be easy, but it’s possible.

Individual Relationship therapy could help you:

  • understand what you might need to encourage your partner to come and what it means to you

  • process painful experiences and emotions feelings e.g feelings of betrayal, guilt, resentment, hurt, frustration, anger, and grief

  • heal any childhood trauma that maybe impacting your relationships

  • understand your part in toxic or unhealthy relationship dynamics

  • stand up for yourself and express your needs and wants in a loving & assertive way

  • considering whether to ‘stay or go’ & need help making a decision

  • leave your relationship in a relational way


Relationship Therapy for Individuals is offered in-person and online and runs for 1 hour  AUD175 per session (including GST)

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s page


A core value of The Courageous Man Relationship Therapy is safety always comes first.

We take a stand on, and show zero tolerance for, any form of abusive and controlling behaviour used by one person over another.

We will not see two people together if one person does not feel safe to express themselves openly or freely. We offer specialised individual therapy for people using abusive behaviours and those who are on the receiving end of it. If you’re not sure if you are using any abusive or controlling behaviours, then we recommend individual therapy session. If you or your children are in immediate danger, call 000.

Only when both people feel safe do we offer any joint relationship sessions.


“After some failed attempts at therapy, I was very fortunate to have found Helen. Only after a few sessions, Helen has been able to help me view things from an empowering perspective, gain clarity and help process my thoughts and feelings. I find Helen’s approach to be kind, caring, sometimes direct. It doesn’t feel clinical or judgemental like others have.”

Luke, Central Coast, Australia

“My experience doing couples therapy with Helen has been just excellent! Some words to describe Helen and her approach include: compassionate, dedicated, thoughtful, flexible, understanding and fair. She has helped my partner and I to improve our romantic relationship in ways that other therapists haven’t been able to. Thank you”

Rebecca, Sydney, Australia

“We were both amazed and impressed by how accurately Helen pinpointed what we needed to work on and could not stop rambling about how wonderfully understanding you were and how beneficial the session was. Already, things are much more stable and open than they were, and we’re so grateful to you. We’ll be recommending your services to anyone who asks!”

I&J The Entrance, NSW, Australia

“I would highly recommend Helen for couple’s therapy. Her honest, open, and straightforward approach allowed us to be more open with each other. It wasn’t always easy, but she was warm, calm, and easy to talk to.”

Leanne F, Newcastle

“My husband and I flew from Perth to NSW to do a 2-day Relationship Intensive with Helen and Jon. I was 100% ready to end the marriage. This was our last-ditch effort to salvage our 14-year marriage. We needed someone to be direct with us, cut through the BS, and get the source of our issues, and that’s exactly what Helen and Jon did. It was a great experience in which we felt supported and came out of it with a “new” marriage and the skills to reconnect and rebuild our marriage. The space in which the intensives are held is beautiful. It was of benefit for us to be away from home and the daily stresses of life and work while doing this program. It was a lifesaving, and we will be forever grateful.”

Lesley & Mick (Perth, Australia)

“Over the three months I saw Helen my life and attitude towards life began to change. Not only was she a person I could open up to, she was also someone who could help me deal with my demons I had deep down within myself. She helped me let go a lot of traumas which I hadn’t looked at in a very long time. Helen helped me become a better partner and father. I am proud to say I am in a better place frame of mind than I have ever been. I continue to have sessions with Helen when I need them. She is a legend!”

Blake, Chittaway Bay, NSW

“Helen has helped me deal with and understand my trauma, from childhood all the way to adulthood. She has been truly amazing with my journey in life. I would highly recommend her.”


“I was skeptical about going to therapy but I was in a dark place and I needed help. I’m glad I found Helen. She was easy to talk to and I would leave feeling lighter”