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We support women in their relationships with themselves and the men in the lives. Therapy/counselling is a great option for women who are struggling in their relationships with men. We support you to heal from past relationship loss or hurt, or if you unsure whether to stay or leave a relationship, or are wanting to form a new relationship.


We offer specialised therapy for women who want to improve their relationships with themselves and their intimate relationships with men. Therapy is a great option if you want to heal from past relationships, understand why you do the things you do, where you can get stuck, and understand what you can do to change to create the life and relationships you want

If you are a woman who is:

  • healing from past relationships hurts, anger, abuse, and trauma

  • considering whether to ‘stay or go’ in your relationship

  • recently experienced the breakdown of a relationship

  • struggling in your relationships with your children or stepchildren

  • struggling in relationships with your ex-partner, co-parent, stepparents, family and/or your partners family etc

  • single and considering dating or starting a new relationship, perhaps after separation

  • connect with your sexuality and sexual connection with men

  • be a better parent, no matter how old your children are

  • struggling to express yourself in relationships and you want to learn how to stand up for yourself in an assertive way


Individual therapy is offered by Jon & Helen in-person and on-line.  For prices, location, and availability go to  Jons Booking Page or Helens Booking Page


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Helen Brereton

Helen is a registered Psychotherapist (Gestalt), Group Facilitator (Yalom & Gestalt) and a Certified Couples Therapist with the Relational Life Institute (Terry Real). Helen also holds a Master’s degree in International Social Development from the University of NSW.

Jon Farham - Men's Health Therapist - MacMasters Beach, Central Coast, NSW

Jon Farham

Jon is a registered counsellor and has worked in the fields of Alcohol, Drug and Gambling rehabilitation as well as Mental Health and Domestic Violence. Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (Psychology) with distinction, and has qualifications in Mental Health, Alcohol, Other Drugs and Counselling.